I Know Where I Will Be Staying While Waiting

Waiting for Faith at school is very tiring aside from the muggy that you could experience in the Parents hall, I feel bored as well. I don’t know anyone there so I have no one to talk to, I mean I knew some parents there but I am shy to talk to them. So since it is so hot to stay in the parents’ hall, I looked for means for a place for me to stay at least 2 hours. And so I found a Global Center in SM, and for me to stay there to relax I have to be a member. I already paid last week and today I should be enjoying the relaxing moment. It is free to browse there as well; they have 2 computers available for the member to use. They also have a free ice tea and free coffee. So since I have a tablet, I could browse and update my Facebook without using the computer. It is better that way because it seems the 2 computers are always occupied. So to avoid sweating while waiting for my youngest, I will have to drive to SM to relax.

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