Disneyland When Can We Come To You?

Ever since Faith was still 2 or 3 years old, she already wished she could come there. Whenever it is advertised in Disney Channel before she would jump and feel so excited, and she is already asking for it. Now that we already subscribe for Sky Cable and she chooses the Disney Junior than the other one, they still advertised the Disneyland Faith would still get so excited. Yesterday we have a quiet talk about Disneyland when it was shown again in the TV.

Faith: Mama, Mama Look can we go to Disneyland?

I was surprised because she already mentioned the name of the place

Me: What are we going to do in Disneyland?

Faith: We will visit Mickey Mouse and can we also get some ride? See the big castle and fireworks?

So for me to just end the conversation because I was busy swiping the floor, I just said

Me: Okay

Faith: Do you know the way?

Me: Oh no Faith, we have to ride on a plane

Faith: So we will just tell the airplane guy to go to Disneyland?

Me: Yeah but first we need to ask Daddy.

Faith: Yehey!

Yes, it has been a while and always that Faith mentioned about going to Disneyland, the one that advertised on TV is just in Hongkong yet we can’t afford to go. I always told myself to save so we can travel but it always goes to something else like emergency. How I wish on Faith’s birthday we can set to go and see Disneyland, I too is wishing to see Cinderella, Snow White and the like.

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