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Kadayawan Is Fast Approaching

The most awaited event that I will be witnessing is fast approaching. Yes, Kadayawan is just around the corner and I am sure I will be watching the parade again just like what I did in Araw ng Davao. I am so excited, my friend and I are talking about it and we agreed to go to downtown together. I hope there is nothing that would happen along the way so we really can push through the plan. I heard Kadayawan parade is better than of Araw ng Davao because Kadayawan has many grand floaters, many floral and yeah celebrities as well. The floral parade is a contest so expect to see more colorful and extravagant designs in the floater. Everyone who joined the contest wanted to win so I am sure I will be seeing more than that. There is also Indak Indak sa Kadalanan, I guess it would be held on Saturday and Sunday would be the floral parade.

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