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Location Of A Subdivision

Today my friends and I agreed to meet up to go to a subdivision that was newly constructed. Yes I am that determined to look for a house, the location was a bit far from where we live and it is also far from the highway, you have to pass by a small bridge and on the way you can also see lots of trees. It was 1:30 that we start to travel from Matina and we arrived there exactly like 2:00 in the afternoon, we passed by a wake boarding, it is a man made, it is not really like a river so they said you don’t have to worry of a flood if in case the rains pour so hard. But for assurance if I will be asked, I don’t like to be in front or nearby at wake boarding. I don’t like to take risk since I have kids that I need to rescue if a flood happens. Anyway I am still not decided whether to get a house there, we are planning but we are not decided yet where. I hope that we will get a house this year. I am tired of paying a house for rent.

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