The Background Looks Like That In The States

I always wish that I can live or visit or go to some other place like in the States but sad to say I guess I will never make it. My husband told me before that he is already processing all the papers for us to get there but I don’t know what happen it just, it didn’t realize after all the years of waiting. Don’t ask me why or what because I can’t give you any answer, anyway my husband and I still together though in case you will ask. I don’t care at all where we live as long as there’s he and I and a love for both of us.

On the other hand even though my kids and I did not step a foot in the land of Uncle Sam, here were some pictures that looks like we were in the States.

Faith was making a pose in the Fifth Avenue Books. I am not sure if there’s a place or a street like that in the States.

 photo DSCN8266_zpsf259a9fc.jpg

The Rialto of California, I guess:

 photo DSCN8268_zps3fc8be5b.jpg

The Grand Central Station:

 photo DSCN8271_zps7fe3c715.jpg

I and my youngest daughter at the Brooklyn Apartment

 photo DSCN8274_zpsbb385ba2.jpg

Nevertheless, these pictures were taken at the Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna; we visited the park when Mj still competes in Manila. It was a fun filled getaway, we went to Manila for 2 reasons, one is for Mj to joined a swimming competition and go to or visit some tourist spots there. Does the background look like we were in the states already?

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