Funny Tourist Guide

Yesterday, I was giggling to death when one of my friend in FB shared this video of a tour guide in Bacolod, it got my interests so I watch the whole video and surely I had so much fun. I will be sharing the video here, I hope I can really do it because I think it was only uploaded in FB, I hope to find the video in You Tube as well. Anyway so I never been to Bacolod, I guess there are still numbers and numbers of tourist spots that I haven’t visited here in the Philippines. When Mj joined swimming, I was hopeful that I can be seeing and visited some tourist spots as she competes in different place as well but since she stopped I guess I can no longer visit some places too. But my friends from my previous work are travelers they had been to different spots that I didn’t or never have I had my feet step on. So I guess I need to catch up with them so I can see Roger, yeah Roger was the name of the tourist guide in Bacolod, I want to meet him and listen to his funny stories about that mansion in Bacolod. One friend suggested that somebody will arrange our flight then, I hope I can go with them, I mean really this time.

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