Transportation To Send Faith To School Needs A Car Stereo

My car is very usable here; it is my only transportation to send Faith to school. I am so happy that Faith would like to ride on it unlike my other car. I wanted to make it more very impressive, the interior is already nice what I want to have it is a car stereo. Yes, it didn’t have a car stereo when I bought it; the car stereo was already busted so I need to replace it. Faith loves to listen to music and her favorite one is “Just give me a reason” by PINK. I want a stereo that has USB port, a DVD player and as well for FM.

I went to a stereo shop today but it was too bad because their technician is not available to install the wiring for the stereo. They suggested me to come back on Monday for the technician will be available on that day. They would also text me if the technician will return on Saturday. Sigh! I was so ready this afternoon but anyway I can wait. Good thing I didn’t tell it to my kids yet, it supposed to be a surprise for them. But I hope the stereo will be installed on Monday, fingers crossed.

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