Activities In The City After I Secure The Requirements For My Car

I have a very long day, after I dropped Faith at school; I went to a shop where the ex-owner of my car worked. Yesterday, I found out that the plate number of my car in front was lost. I was then suspected that it was swept away by the flood on Monday. I asked my mechanic what will I do, he then informed me that the LTO might have gotten it because of a violation. I called the LTO right away and they said that they can’t just take a plate number without leaving a note and in my case I didn’t find any note in my car on that day. They advised me to go to police station to file a blotter, they also told me to ask the duplicate copy where I had my car registered. I called the owner of the car before if he could help me secure a duplicate copy and he told me to just bring certificate of blotter, the OR and CR and a stencil.

So I went to the shop and meet him and the one who would process my duplicate. Right after securing everything, my kids and I went to the mall. The mall and even the streets are so busy due to the festival in the whole city. There are many stalls that were put to the city for affordable shopping; many activities are also going on in the city, concerts here and there. The malls, of course are not absent for this event, they also have their own gimmicks that includes the half discounts and sale in almost of all the items. They also have some celebrities coming and will do some concert. When we were there, I think Daniel Padilla; the hottest male teenager in the country will be doing a concert in the mall that we went to. Anyway, we supposed to watch a movie after Faith and Mj had some fun in Zoofari but it was way too late already and even the local government ensure the safety for the festival I could not risk anymore. We have to go home.

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