I Will Be There

Even though my husband already decided to stay here for good, I am still wishing that I can still go and visit another country. I want to experience what it is like to ride on a plane for long hours, I know it will be terribly tiring but you know the feeling that you can’t get the satisfaction just hearing stories from your friend abroad. Most of all I want to experience snow, my husband said it is not fun but I would like to experience it myself so I can tell how is it like to play in the snow. Yes, my husband is an American but I didn’t have the chance to go out there and explore, although he said in time but I am not sure, maybe I’ll just wait for my time. Anyway, true love does not measure in places, and I love him, I truly do. So even though living abroad remains a wishful thinking, I still won’t stop dreaming that someday, somehow I will be there.

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