Microphone For The Whole Family

It has been a while now that we don’t use our karaoke. The last time that we used it is when my husband was here. I have my last and full time payment last July. I was so excited to use the karaoke again but when I used it, the microphone did not work so well, we have to push the chord real hard to connect the mic but it was just loosened. We did not have any choice but to give it a rest, I inquire microphones at the appliance center but it was a bit expensive. I mean it was okay if it’s a bit expensive as long as it was all worth it. Anyway I am looking for two microphones; I want the same kind like of that good shure dual microphone wireless system at musician’s friend so the thought of buying a microphone in the appliance center was set aside. But I am planning to buy one or two so my kids and I won’t get fight over a microphone because we always does with one microphone. I will just wait for December for me to be able to save some money for the right microphones for us and for the whole family.

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