Another Adventure On The Road

And so we went to my friend’s house today, this is my 2nd time that I went there and I am driving. I know how tricky and how tight the road going there plus the hilly and the down slope. The first time I went there gave me a Goosebumps, I guess we were all packed in the car and I was not familiar with the road. I pressed the accelerator so hard enough for it to blow lots of smokes from the smoke pipe. But now I know at least a little about the road, so when I can’t climb up anymore in the 3rd gear, I would shift right away to 2nd gear plus we were not that full packed. I just had my niece, Faith and MJ and since our car is a bit bigger than the old one so we still had some room inside. Nonetheless, we survived even when we went home, I just had to be cautious in the road since the road does not have post lamp. My friend just advised me to put the light in a high beam when there’s no car in the opposite road and put it in low beam if there is, somehow it worked, though that was a bit an adventure.

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