A Very Dreading Long Day

It was last Wednesday when the glass window, the driver’s side of my car was hit by a flying stone, and since the tricycle driver doesn’t have money and I could not insist him to at least contribute some for the damage. I just told him to clean all the broken glass out of my car. Right after, it was cleaned and I am safe to sit down of my chair, I went to the auto glass shop right away. I inquire the cost right away and we agreed to have it done in my house. The next day, I went out so early so I could withdraw some money to pay for the cost and the labor for the door glass but to my disappointment, they called me and told me that they don’t have one available for KIA Sportage. The money is ready yet they could not install a door glass.

Just before Faith and I went out for school, I called some supplier on the phone. There’s another shop that made me believe they have one available however they need to order it from the province and that I should shoulder the freight. I was okay with it as long as it will be install that day. We agreed and I went there right away to pay the down payment. Later they text me that they could not install it that day because the glass arrived already late so I have to wait for the next day for the instalment, I didn’t have any choice but to agree even I was promised that they will do anything to install the glass that day.

The next day I went there again with my car, I waited there for like an hour but they did not install it yet since there was another customer who also needs their service, he came first so they have to attend to them first. I just told them that I will just go back after I fetch my daughter, I was already looking forward that the time I will arrive there with my daughter they are already finish. But I was surprised of what they told me, the glass did not fit, they have to re-order from a certain supplier here in the city. I didn’t ask any question at all, I just want it to be done. The new glass arrived however it still did not fit. Since they have to order a glass from Manila and it will get here on September 13 yet I just told them to refund me because I will have to look it myself in some other shop.

I was disappointed, annoyed and everything especially when they told me, I will get my refund after a week. I was like whaaattt???? I mean when she asked me to make the down payment so they could process the order from the province, I handed the money to her right away and they will tell me this, they could not do the refund right away? I totally freaked out and I complained, I even said it was not my fault that the glass does not fit, I gave you the whole details of my car and she was sure that they have one available. She talked to her manager and later they gave me the refund. It was a horrible long day for me especially I have to tag Faith with me.

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  1. pretty kat says:

    haguy!!!! whattta horrible day! maayo kay wa ka nag collapse sa kalagut… mao nay klase sa mga autho shop na hangol ug customer. kadtong naa pa mi car… sus, sige lang ko pangaway ug mekaniko, shop etc etc… hahaha.

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