2nd to 3rd to 2nd Lane

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The road going to my friend’s house was kind a stiff and tight. It was my 2nd time to go there driving and even though I drive everyday; I still have a hard time and scared to take that road. I didn’t like the road, especially when you are passing the 2 way and suddenly it became 3 then 2 again. LOL! If you are not familiar with the road at all, I am sure you are also afraid and would be very mindful. The road goes downhill and uphill, I was kind a panic when we went up hill and there’s a big truck behind us. I don’t want to stop; I mean I was worried if the engine would stop because it couldn’t bear the hilly part but good thing, we were able to climb up. I just put the gear to low. My friend also has a car, it was small and she is used to pass this road. She drives fast and the road is easy for her of course she lives there. Anyway, I always look up to my friend when it comes to driving. She was the one who taught me of what to do and everything.

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