Attacked By Rebels

Faith does not have class today so I have the whole day to just stay at home. I first open my FB to know some updates of my friends all over the world when I learned about what happen in Zamboanga. My friend updated her wall, saying all the schools are suspended, and then she wrote another update that some barangays there were attacked. I searched news again regarding with the attack and yes it is indeed all true. They were even able to catch some hostages for human shields, I was shocked. I mean it was only last month that 2 places here in Mindanao exploded because of a planted bomb and now here is another crisis. I hope this would end very soon, the city was like a ghost town, you could never a single car that is passing the road but only military who is always ready for anything. I hope that the city that once had a busy street would be able to come back in its shape.

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