Free Car Service

Thank goodness that I have reserved a room before my husband will arrive by tomorrow, because I just found out that their van service is free to pick up a guest in the airport. And that means I don’t have to drive there I just have to grab the opportunity of being the passenger this time. The staff said since my husband would arrive at 6:00 in the morning, we have to start traveling at 5:15 in the morning so we can get to fetch my husband on time.

The only concern I have with this hotel is their Wi-Fi, it is not stable at all. They have provided me a cable but it seems like it is not working at all to my end. I have to go to the pool for me to use my Internet. I have chatted my husband for a while and he said that he is already in Nagoya preparing for his flight in Manila. Oh, I can’t wait to see and be with him on our anniversary this is the best anniversary ever.

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