Checked-Out The Hotel

Yesterday, we checked out from the hotel that we stayed for 3 days and this time, my husband is already with us home. The fee from 3 days stay cost us already like P13, 000.00 oh well, we took some goodies in their mini bar last Thursday night and we ate at the hotel’s restaurant more often.   I wonder how much we would pay if we stayed there 10 days and longer. On the other hand, we still get discounts since we stayed there weekend, I mean weekend is included (Friday and Saturday) so instead of paying P2,800.00, we only paid P1,800 for each two nights. When my husband went here before, we always stayed for 10 days in the hotel; we never stayed in a house since I lived with my sister at that time yet. But during his stay here for 10 days, we made sure that we always have our lunch and dinner outside the hotel in that way we can minimize our expenses. The hotel that we stayed before was surrounded by varieties of restaurant so we will dine there with the kids. Or sometimes my husband will just go to McDonalds and ordered some burgers and chickens.

This time since I rented a house, I suggested to him that we might just stay at home and cooked our own food, so at least to spend the money for some things that he might want to buy. We also did this arrangement last June when he was here for 2 weeks. And we were able to save money to buy a car, I hope this time since we are doing the same thing we can buy a house our own.

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