Swimming Pool In Grand Menseng Hotel

Good thing that my husband brought a swim wear with him, so when I and the kids decide to go to the pool on the last day of our stay there in Grand Men Seng, he joined us after a while. The pool was 25 meter, and I already heard that there is a team for swimming using the pool for training. I mean it is just so rare for hotels to offer it for training, mostly I mean I guess all of the hotels here do not allow coaches to do their training because it can bother the guests who would like to do lapse. Anyway since I understand the life of a swimmer, my kids and I just used one lane, Mj can swim so she can do the lapse, Faith and I just try to soak in the corner. Faith can swim but not proper and she easily gets tired that she catches her breath afterwards.

Mj on the other hand, expected to meet a friend there but sad to say she is not familiar with the kids in that team. I heard her friends are not present on that day. We still enjoyed our short swimming lapses especially when Daddy joined us. He tried to teach Faith to swim but of course Faith would just play.

The swimming pool in that hotel obviously is not design for leisure; it doesn’t have slides and all. The guests can really do lapses back and forth; it is the best for exercise.

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