No Putting Christmas Decorations On September

I can’t believe that we are already Mid-September but my husband didn’t like the idea of putting up Christmas Decorations at home, he said it is too early. But here in the Philippines, we always put Christmas tree up as early as September, and he could not understand it. I guess he missed that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day here or he might forgot that we don’t have a Black Friday Sale. He mentioned that usually in the states, they would hang all those ornaments after the Black Friday Sale or Thanksgiving Day. Anyway since I can’t argue with him on that, we just went to Travel Agency today to renew my youngest daughter’s passport, it has been expired last May yes it has been expired and yet it is still empty and it is the same as mine and Mj. I wonder when could we really travel and use our passport; I mean I would be thrill if we see a mark on our passport that we were able to visit this place, etc., etc. As I always said I am not losing hope, someday my husband would invite us to a new place.

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