My Husband, My Passenger

When I had my blue car before, I always wished that my husband could experience riding in that car while I am driving. But I sold the blue car just before he went here on June yet my wish came through because last June, my husband bought another car and of course since he can’t drive a manual car, I am the one who would drive for him, wherever he goes or wherever he want to go. It was easy peasy then since I don’t send and fetch Faith to and from school. So we have the car the whole day however, this month is different. My sister does not come here anymore to send Faith to school, since she already has a business that is keeping her busy. My husband and I were the one who send Faith to school, he is sitting beside me, my guide who would always tell me I am good and I did not hit the car to anything. Sometimes he would be the one to go with Faith inside the school while I am waiting in the car. For two weeks this is our routine every day, and we enjoyed it a lot because we also go to the mall while Faith is at school.

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