Activity Was Canceled Due To Rain

I guess I have mentioned here before that we will be visiting the Crocodile Park; I already phoned them as to what time they will be open and what time will be the activity should start. Everything is plan but we have to go to the clinic first for my husband’s check-up, his cough is still not subsiding. Good thing his fever is gone now, so right after the check-up we went home to get the kids. But it took us a while to prepare everything; even we decided to just have the lunch in the mall. Faith and Mj are very excited to see the crocodile crawls and the schedule for feeding thrilled them however the rain is approaching just right after we finished our meal in TGIF. My husband checked for it outside, he said it is too windy. And there’s no way I can drive there while it’s raining and besides there is no much shelter there that we can stay while it will rain. I don’t want to risk my husband’s health as well; I am sure will soak to the rain water if we really push through the activity for today. So we just shrug the idea and went to grocery shopping instead.

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