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More Appealing Than Staying In A Hotel Room

I have always wanted to travel to Europe, especially Spain. Why Spain you may ask? I love beaches and places like Barcelona, Ibiza or Costa have some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches I have found. One of the things I always ask myself when I travel is “where should I stay?” I mean hotels are nice, but sometimes I prefer more privacy or the ability to prepare the meals for me and my family. So I find myself looking for lodging apartments in the locations I want to travel to.

If I decide to go to Barcelona, not only do I want to see the beaches but I want to see Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, one of the most unique churches in the world. A day sightseeing in Barcelona or a day spent at the beach, may be enjoyable yet, tiring and what better place to retire for the evening than an apartment where you can feel at home. The idea of being able to “spread out” and not being cramped in a hotel room is nice. There are four of us, me, my husband and our two daughters, so for us, being able to rent lodging apartment is more appealing than staying the four of us sharing a hotel room.

We can save on the cost of food by preparing our own meals and not eating in a restaurant for every meal. Of course we will want to sample the local cuisine and local restaurants, but the idea of being able to cook our favorite foods is also appealing. So when we travel, my husband normally leaves the selection of where we stay up to me. We have stayed in both hotels and have rented apartments, and by far we prefer to rent the apartments. It gives us privacy from our kids when we want and we don’t feel cramped in a single hotel room.

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What Marikina Can Offer To Some Travelers

When you think about Marikina, different kinds of shoes would immediately popped in our mind. Of course the shoes that you are wearing were mostly made in Marikina. This place really offered lots of charms to us, as this town is obviously booming. Now if you like to go to Marikina, do not forget to visit the historical Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados known also as Our Lady of Abandoned Church. This church was built in 1700’s by Augustinians. The church was tested through war and earthquakes, although they have already change some of the structures and it is relatively new however they still able to preserve the historical structure of the church. The Location of the church is corner J.P Rizal and V. Gomez Streets.

Near the Our Lady of Abandoned Church is the old rice mill, which local government turned it into a Shoe Museum or the city’s footwear history and heritage. You can see there early days of footwear making, a collection shoes from former presidents and of course the famous of varieties of shoes from the former first lady Imelda Marcos, their other related items like clothes. When you enter the Shoe Museum you should also bring some money with you, as they are collecting entrance fees, I am just not sure how much will it be nowadays. The schedule will be from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon from Monday to Sunday except holidays.

 These are just two of those amazing spots that you can find in Marikina, I will try to continue to write next time about this place and I am sure you will be interested to visit the place.

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Whenever We Travel

Whenever we travel or everywhere we go my eldest daughter would always go to a music store where she can be amazed with all the music instruments that were displayed. If she will get a chance to try it, she would not think twice but try it herself she even told me that she want to try the exciting roland hi hat cymbal at guitar center, but of course she could not try it if we will not purchase it for her. So for the meantime, we will just enjoy what is available in our surrounding. My youngest daughter loves music as well that whenever her sister will go to a music store, she would always beg to go with her. But her interest is in piano so I guess I will be sending her for piano lesson on summer.

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Taking A Picture While On The Road

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My husband had an appointment one day with his Doctor and he knows very well that I love to see roads so when he went out, even though it was raining so hard, my husband brought my old phone and took some pictures of the road that he passed by. I just love the road, it was so wide that you will not afraid of driving you just have to be so cautious with the traffic lights.

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Hmmm, I miss driving my own car, yes my car is in the shop now for maintenance and it has been like 3 weeks that it is there. But this week, my car will return to me and I am sure he misses me as well.

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