Pork Barrel: Spare Our Students

Due to Pork Barrel Scam, my niece Moreen scholarship is at stake, recently she heard that the Dean of their school announced that there will be no scholarship in the next semester. She was worried about this, she is under of a politician scholarship and now they would also include abolishing it.

Some politicians are debating to abolish the Pork Barrel, I don’t understand though because others said that the scholarship will not be affected but how come they seems like including it as well? Dick Gordon is somewhat right to just send the funds for the scholarship to the State Universities and will not be going through to the politicians’ funds however this application is not yet approved. What would happen to those students who are defending of the funds for them to go to college, they will also be freeze?

My niece has all the potentials to become successful; she is actually the hope of her family yet what will happen now? Due to poverty her family could not even support her daily fare and I am the one shouldering it but because I also have 2 daughters that I am supporting plus our daily expenses, how can I support fully to my niece. I hope this will resolve very soon and while they are trying to clean what has been mess up with our government, how I wish they would spare our scholars who are striving so hard to finish college, provide them the funds that they deserved.

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