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Driving Alone?

With what happened recently about a y0ung professional who was kidnapped and killed after, it alarmed me that even I am driving in my own car, I am still not safe especially when I am driving alone. I saw this infographic through ABS-CBN news, and thought this should be share.

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  1. Have your car keys in hand before going to your car in the parking area.
  2. Set a quick dial to your family or police station in your phone, so when everything is not right you can just press one number to call them.
  3. Do not leave keys inside your car, or any valuable things that may attract the thieves or criminals.
  4. Be careful where you park, make sure to park near where the attendants or guards were posted.
  5. Always bring a flashlight inside your car, whistle or pepper spray if possible.
  6. Be alert of suspicious persons, do not go out in your car, ask for help.
  7. Text or advise friends or family members where you are going before setting off to your destination.
  8. Do not pay attention when somebody is signalling you that you have a flat tire instead go to the nearest station to check  your tires.
  9. Do not drive when you are drunk, or you are under the influence of an alcohol.
  10. If confronted by an attacker, run away if possible while making noise to attract other people. In case a carjacker subdues you, just follow instructions and wait for the right time to escape. 
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