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Buy Us A Ticket

Every time we send my husband to the airport, Faith would always ask why we forgot to buy our own ticket so we can go with Daddy. And I will just answered her soon we will have our own ticket and we will go with Daddy wherever he is going.

My husband is planning to have us meet him in Manila when he will be here next time. So Faith will no longer ask why we didn’t buy her a ticket. Probably we will be visiting the Ocean Parks one more time, I guess this would be like 4th time, I hope they have new wonders for us to see and not just the one we always see when we are there. I hope we could inquire as well the one of the country that we would like to visit, how I wish we can to make this dream real as a family. It is always good to travel when you have your husband and kids with you. I know the kids could be so bothersome but the joys that we could see in their faces are so priceless and precious. I am looking forward this could happen very soon.

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