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Astounding Ferris Wheels

When I was yet a child, I always get amazed with Ferris Wheels; I remember I always dragged my Mom to let me ride a Ferris wheel in the carnival near the market, where my Mom sells fishes and the likes. I always want to be in the air at that time and see the view of the city, the sparkling lights and the whole town. But recently, Ferris Wheels does not interest me at all, I end up being afraid of heights but I still find them so amazing especially with these spectacular Ferris Wheels in the whole world. There were 13 but I will stick with 3 this time.

The London Eye in United Kingdom, very huge and very fantastic, the London Eye was originally called the Millennium Wheel since it was put up in the year 1999 going to 2000. This is located in South Bank of the River Thames in London. The whole structure is about 135 metres in height and the wheel itself has a diameter of about 120 meters. So see how gigantic that Ferris wheel, you might throw up when you are in the air because it is so huge, but you should also enjoy the scenery of the whole city when you are already up in the air.

The Deno’s Wonder Wheel in Brooklyn New York has the 150 foot eccentric. Each cab would swing back and forth and it slides down diagonally that makes you wanna scream. The Deno’s Wonder Wheel was put up in the year 1920, the person behind this Wheel is Charles Herman and this ride was open on May 30, 1920.

The Niagara Sky wheel in Canada this is exactly located in the middle of Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls is also contributed to all those tourists amazement because of its designed R60 gigantic wheel. This giant wheel in Niagara Falls opened in the year 2006, June 17.

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