Lakes In The Philippines That You Must Enjoy

Who doesn’t like to travel from the stressing days you had during the week? I am not working at the moment but with my busy days with my youngest is quiet fun but yeah tiring and I believe I deserve a break or just looking at some scenery can make me relax and unwind. How I wish I am near at the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake because I am sure I will enjoy myself just looking in the calm water of the lake, enjoy the breeze that would touch my skin and will breathe the clean air that is just within reach. To get there from Tarlac it is about 45 minutes that’s the maximum trek to Caldera.

Lake Hulon in Cotabato can also make your eyes relax since you can see only green, green trees that are just surrounds the lake can make you say this is heaven on Earth. It would be nice when you are riding a boat to really enjoy the scenery around you. This lake is a dormant crater of Mt. Parker or Mt. Melibingoy. Lake Holon received also an award for the Cleanest Inland Body of Water for the year 2003 and 2004. Now who would like to take me there and experienced the amazing view of Lake Hulon?

Lake Sebu, I almost went here during college, we have this kind of program of scholars to visit to some provinces for exposure. But sad to say we didn’t reach here but almost, the Lake Sebu is known as a significant watershed in the Philippines, if you love Tilapia you should come and visit the Lake Sebu because they are the best source of Tilapia, they have the most fresh Tilapia that can really satisfy your stomach. Cooked it with deep fry or grilled I am sure you would love it.

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