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Diversion Road

The other night when Mj and I was on our way home, the main road going to our house had a heavy traffic. I was even wondering why there’s a heavy traffic while it was already late at night when we went home. Just imagine it was almost 11 in the evening when we arrive home because of that heavy traffic. So yesterday when their coach said they only have one hour of swimming, it was still 8:00 p.m. at that time that we decided to just take the diversion route going home because I am sure the main road is bombarded with traffic again. I was right though, and I was so happy to just arrived in sister’s house on time if only my tire was not flat we could have arrive there early but since we have to drop by at the vulcanizing shop to have it repair, we were able to join the fun a bit late. I am planning to take the diversion road in the coming days but I am confused at this moment since we already gets home late and Diversion Road is a bit scary when it is late already.

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Playing A Guitar While Traveling

We will be traveling by next week for a competition. We will start at dawn so we will arrive at the venue just before 6 in the morning. Mj is so ecstatic about it, it is just the travel might be boring so she was planning to bring her guitar so she could play with it while traveling. My daughter loves music so whenever she thinks it is the best to bring it with her, she would really do it. She even asked me to canvass Dunlop at musicians friend so when she performs at school, this instrument can enhance her melody while playing. Before she decided to go back to her training, she even asked me if she could also enroll playing a drum on summer but since she could no longer do that at all because of her busy schedule, Red Cross would be her next option.

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Maximum Speed Limit In Davao

Our local government has imposed a speed limit; this is good though because the Jeepneys and Taxis that are already over speeding can be controlled. I heard the other day they already catch some drivers who are already over speeding. The Task Force already have a speed gun for them to know if the car is over speeding and so they have to have an example the other day so other drivers would know that they are serious about this new law. Our Mayor imposed this speeding law since we have numbers of accidents already here in the city; he is doing it to minimize the accidents. My friend said this one is posted along San Pedro, so to all the drivers out there beware.

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It Makes Me Feel Good

I do not wear a lot of jewelry, normally only my wedding band and engagement ring.  I don’t even wear ear rings that often.  But I do like to look stylish when I go out with my husband for dinner or we are meeting friends.  I really like the look and feel of sterling silver jewelry.  It is stylish and really makes me feel good about the way I look when I do dress up.  I know my husband wants me to look good and our daughters will always comment on what I wear.  As I mentioned, I don’t often wear jewelry, but when I do I want it to accent the way I look.

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