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Our All Souls Day Today

I have to prepare my camera as we will be visiting the tomb of my Dad today in Forest Lake. If other countries are so busy with the trick or treat, us here are busy visiting our relatives who passed away in their resting place. Yesterday, the memorial parks were crowded and even the highways, it was already 6:00 in the evening that we were on our way to the house and I choose to drive in the Diversion Road since the main highways are, I mean part of it are closed so I am sure there was a heavy traffic. I hope that when we will visit our Dad today, we can get through enough to the cemetery, I hope it is not that traffic at all.

My daughter was not able to join the trick or treat on October 31st because I forgot the date. I supposed to buy the costume but geez oh well, maybe better luck next time. I saw some Halloween costumes at Facebook and they all look great, those creepy houses added the adventures. How I wish we can experience a real Halloween but I just have to contented of where we are right now, the important is my family is intact.

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