We Are Back To Being A Member In The Pool

Did I mention that my daughter decided to go back for her training; in fact she already started it last week. But it was sad to say that when I apply for membership in that pool again, the rate every month was already increased. It was only P350.00 before but now it is already P1, 000 per month. However, it could still save us because if we will pay P100.00 per day and we are going there almost every day, it would reach us P1, 000 per week so being a member can still save us some money. Last week, they messaged me that I am already approved so I went there the next day to pay my bond and the one month advanced for the pool. I also purchased a sticker so I can get in and out in the village without leaving my ID in the guard. I can also enter the main gate which is located in the other highway or street. Yes we are finally back to training and in the clubhouse wherein my family and I can use the pool anytime.

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