Diversion Road

The other night when Mj and I was on our way home, the main road going to our house had a heavy traffic. I was even wondering why there’s a heavy traffic while it was already late at night when we went home. Just imagine it was almost 11 in the evening when we arrive home because of that heavy traffic. So yesterday when their coach said they only have one hour of swimming, it was still 8:00 p.m. at that time that we decided to just take the diversion route going home because I am sure the main road is bombarded with traffic again. I was right though, and I was so happy to just arrived in sister’s house on time if only my tire was not flat we could have arrive there early but since we have to drop by at the vulcanizing shop to have it repair, we were able to join the fun a bit late. I am planning to take the diversion road in the coming days but I am confused at this moment since we already gets home late and Diversion Road is a bit scary when it is late already.

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