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Traffic All Over Town

My niece and I went out early to buy some foods for tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. So even though I was not feeling well I still tried to get up so we can go home early too. I can’t seem to stay in front of the computer because of my eyes and headache. That is the price when you don’t often wear your eyeglass, after like a week you will have a terrible headache. Anyway, so we went out early but geez I just drove like 3 kilometers away, on our way going to the main road was already contributed a traffic jam so we went aback and went to the other way, it was the long-cut but it’s okay as long as we could go smoothly.

We went to the bank first but geez the place is crowded, we finished our transaction there at 1:00 p.m. We have our lunch at 2:00 p.m. already in the mall. And when we went to the remittance center, the money that my husband wired was still not available until after an hour of waiting. So instead of walking away again, we waited for another 30 minutes for the money. After that we went to grocery department to buy some foods for Christmas Eve. We also bought some gifts for the whole family, geez the time was running fast but we were still in the mall. When we headed home, every road we will take had traffic jam even we already took the diversion road yet we were still stuck. We arrived home at 9 in the evening and I was so tired driving and so hungry and my head was terribly aching.

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No Christmas Decoration For Mana This Time

The whole town is looking forward for the Christmas Decoration that Mana would put up every Christmas. Mana as far as I could remember sells antiques appliances and collections and every year they would spend I guess millions just to put up Christmas decorations that everyone can be inspired, and experienced at least a white Christmas. Yeah the previous themes were white Christmas; you could see giants Christmas tree, sparkling Christmas lights, and benches that full of fake snowflakes, Christmas village and the like. However now, Mana would be bare, they decided to donate the money that supposed to spend in Christmas Decoration; the money will be donated to Yolanda Survivors.

That decision even though makes me sad because I want to have my picture taken there this Christmas, lit up what’s the true meaning of Christmas. It is about giving and sharing of your blessings to those people whose unfortunately the victim of calamities. More than anything else they are the one who needs you, us, and them this Holiday season. As what Bea Rose Santiago said, the one who won the crown for Ms. International 2013:

“The whole world saw how my country suffered. One by one, other countries helped. You have opened my heart and eyes on what we can do to help each other. I will work to sustain the spirit of sympathy and spirit of hope. As long as we work together, there is hope.”

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No Guts No Glory

 photo 1499492_10202284314365370_675593156_n.jpgI am worried and I am scared to just even think of driving my car inside the barge. So when we go to Samal I just always put my car in the parking area of the resort that we are going to. Some hotels or beach resort have the parking area beside a ferry boat or barge for us to park our car there when we don’t feel like driving our car inside the barge.

I am afraid that I might bump my car to the other car, or I can’t get the instruction of the staff and I would fall into the water. I am worried that I could not fit in the car or my leg would be paralyzed that I could not step on the accelerator. Those were the things I keep on thinking so to be safe, I will just leave my car somewhere and ride a taxi to get to the wharf.

But recently, our friend invited us to go to Samal to view a residential loan there, I was hesitant at first but since I also wanna try it, I went there with them. They didn’t know that it was my first time and I guess it’s not the last as well, because I made it. It is indeed true that if you will not put courage in yourself you will never make it and since I did, I successfully made it.

Now if my family would like to go there for outing perhaps, I can finally take my car in Samal inside the barge. Geez, I can’t wait for our family getaway with my husband soon.  I am just so proud of myself that finally I made it.

I was not able to take a picture of the barge because I did not went outside the car, so I just took a picture while I was inside the car. I am still a little bit worried that if I would left the car there, it would run by itself and I am not there to step on the break. I know I am just being paranoid. LOL!

Anyway the rate for the car inside the barge is  P250.00, there’s only two person that are free, the existing is P10.00 per head.

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I Got Lost Again and This Time Was Not a Joke

I am really not good in direction, even though I already went to that place for like 2 times or 3 times already. Last Saturday, during our Christmas party, after I dropped Mj at the resort, I tag along Nanay the mom of my friend and Faith to go with me in the mall; I need to meet my niece because she is the one who brought the cakes that we forgot at home for the party. We didn’t have breakfast yet so after I saw Mariel, I treat them to the Jollibee Food Stall. After we ate, we also went to the grocery store to buy some other stuff for the party.

When we are on our way back, Nanay and Faith were in the back  playing games. Nanay instructed Faith what to do with the games. I was concentrating on the road; my friends in the resort already asked me where I am so I needed to be fast. I tried to remember the mark going to the resort but the sign was not there already, I went straight, I know I have to take the road on the left side however I cannot see it already so I drove straight again and I saw the road is getting wider. I am sure that it should not be the road I should be driving though but I still get straight wishing I can meet somebody who can direct me where the heck is D’Leonor?

You can found no one on the road so it was really hard to ask, I saw a woman but she said she doesn’t know Leonor, I just said okay and drove off until I saw a guy driving his motorcycle, stopping that time though, he is the bill delivery guy from Davao Light Company. He informed us right away that we already passed by the road going to D’Leonor, he also said that we already like how many kilometres away. I pulled the car and drove back off to the road. This time, I have to be sure and I asked whoever I could see in the road.

When we arrived at the resort, I was perspiring a lot. They were laughing at me because that is already the nth time that I got lost in the road while driving. Yeah, I got lost many times already.

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