Canceling Travel And Traveling This Week

We are supposed to go to Manila this month to see my husband when he arrives from the States but I guess we can’t make it this month. We supposed to do things there, inquire the requirements to visit the NZ but I guess we have to leave it aside since we are going to assume a house this month. And the money for travel will be used for the house. I wanted to travel though, it is my wish to travel to some other country but since a house is what we prioritized more today I guess traveling has to wait.

On the other side of the note, this week we will be traveling to another province, yeah how I wish it is another country but it is not, lol. We are going to start at 4 in the morning so we can join the warm up in swimming at 6:00 a.m. Yes, Mj will be competing again; I hope she will do well in her swimming. I will not drive but a new friend will, yes we will be riding in her car, she will drop me by outside of her village. We already agreed to take our breakfast on our way there.

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