We’d been to Snow

Yes, we had been to snow last Sunday, oh no not that particular snow land in the states but with the movie, entitled Frozen. I love snow, my kids love snow so this snow movie was just right for us, I mean yeah my husband is a white American but we never experienced yet having snow around. They said that it was not fun at all but how would we know when we didn’t experience it ourselves. So this movie thrilled us a lot, because the whole scene is about snow, oh well anyway, it’s about a girl who is gifted with magic on her hand, trying to be good but the snow is always out of hand especially when she is upset or angry. In fact she almost killed her sister when they were little, when the played snow together and now that they grow up I mean separately because the other one choose to just stay in her room for 3 years, Elsa the one who is gifted with magic almost kill her sister once again who just want to convince her to go back to their castle because she wanted to be with her. Anyway, I guess this writing confused you a lot so you better watch the movie to know it yourself. I tell you it is not the usual fairy tale love story, in which they always feature the true love of a man can save them. But what I love this movie is about SNOW. How I wish we can see, touch, smell and experience snow in the future.

On the other hand this is the trailer of the movie, I am sure you will like it.

And yeah we experienced snow, geez I almost forgot that, it was two years ago that we went to Mall of Asia and Star City, they have this snow fun that everyone must love. I was not prepared when we went to MOA so I just wore short, which made me shaking and trembled. I went out from that place right away; I just took some pictures with me and the kids.

 photo Ocean3_zps20096a3f.jpg

 photo Ocean14_zps6dd04c71.jpg

These pictures are from Mall of Asia, look we had fun in the snow. It is just too obvious that we are very static about it and the kids did not mind the cold at all. How I wish we could do this fun together with my husband.

 photo 471460_3921203504648_1139590907_o_zpsa0204690.jpg

This picture is from the Star City, Snow World. I really had this one put in a frame and display in the living room. We really looked like in a real snow in the States, do you agree?

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5 Responses to “We’d been to Snow”

  1. Brings back memories, haha!

    I want to watch that film!

  2. Joy says:

    my children and i would like to visit snow world, maybe this Christmas vacation, we can be able to push thru visiting it, it was a nice place 🙂

  3. We haven’t seen the movie and my kids have been bugging me lol.

  4. nadine says:

    this is one reason why I want to visit Star City!! I hope we can go there this Sunday as I’ve wished! Hehehehe. I guess Frozen is a great movie, I shall watch it soon! Thanks for sharing your snow moments!

  5. jheylo says:

    Looks fun. At least you don’t have to travel far just to experience this snow adventure 😀

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