5.5 Magnitude and Not 5.1

So yesterday we just experienced an earthquake I thought it was 5.1 magnitudes only but as I read some news today the magnitude is about 5.5 magnitudes. This has been 2nd time that Mindanao experienced earthquake since last Sunday.  I didn’t know that, I mean I was not able to notice it. Maybe I was driving that time, or we were sleeping at night. So you see that’s the scariest part when you are sleeping and a catastrophe such as this occurs. It is really the best that you plan ahead, I mean at least make some pattern what to do when earthquake occurs in the middle of the night. They didn’t state if what time an earthquake happen last Sunday. The Philvocs said that the quake traced at 57 kilometers southeast in Mati, Davao Oriental, it was recorded about past 7 in the morning. The earthquake was felt in Mati, Davao City and Toril, Butuan and Kidapawan City as well.

They are not expecting any damage from the said earthquake but Philvocs stated that aftershocks would probably happen. Director Renato Silidum said that the quake yesterday probably related to the earthquake in Sagbayan town in Bohol.

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