Rested For 2 Days From The Whole Day Of Travel

Mj and I woke up at 3 in the morning so we can get a ride from one of the parents in the pool, she offered us a ride and I just pay her the half of the gas she consumed on that day. We arrived at the venue at 6:3o in the morning since we have to eat breakfast in the nearby Jollibee stall.

It was dreading so hot in the venue especially when their bench is facing where the sunlight is. We were able to find a place that our swimmers can rest after their event. My friend brought a mat that we put on the floor. It was under a stairs going to the pool. But even it so hot that day, we still went to the benches to watch the performance of our kids, we didn’t mind already the sun, some men were already taking their shirts off. It is somewhat unbearable that if my husband was there he would go back to the house right away. Yes, he could not bear a very humid weather.

At 1:00 p.m., the sun slowly move to the other side, so we were able to get some rest from the dreading heat of the sun though it feels so humid still. At 5 in the afternoon, it started raining so you see the weather is much unexpected, it was so hot during the day and when the sunsets start, it would unexpectedly rain. After the competition, we have to wait for the other swimmers getting their medals in the stage. It was already raining so hard that I could smell the cemented pathway already.

We were able to go home at 7 in the evening and we arrived in Davao at 9 p.m., we have to drop by at the restaurant so we can eat dinner, the kids were already starving from the travel. Saturday late at night we arrived here at home, and I am so tired, I hit the bed right away and yesterday, the whole day I was just at home doing nothing, I slept for like how many times and I slept early last night too. It is very rare to happen since I was really very tired.

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