Sports Complex In Tagum: The Pool

It was so hot and muggy, the sun shining so bright. The pool is so wide, if only I was allowed to soak in the pool I could have done it. However this amazing view is very catch-breathing.

 photo HPIM1839_zps6f067765.jpg

The water is so calm that I want to jump into the water and have fun, however that’s only for the swimmers who would compete that day. I just satisfied myself with cold soft drinks and water so not to dehydrate. But even it was dreading hot, we were able to enjoy with our kids who tried their best to break their time.

 photo HPIM1842_zpsccee72b5.jpg

This is the Canteen of the Tagum Sports Complex

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  1. This looks a great place! Reminds me to go and have a splash at the pool soon! 🙂

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