We Will Be Holding Our Christmas Party At The Wave Pool

Last month, the members of the club had a meeting to where we are going to hold our Christmas Party and majority said that it is the best if we will just held it within the city. And the only resort that is within the city that has lots of amenities is the D’Leonor wave pool. I had been into this resort when I was still working in VXI, the company held their annual getaway in that resort. I brought with my, my niece, and my daughters. We had so much fun even though most of our group were not that prepared that what we have in our table are all chips. Good thing that some of my team mates were not yet arrived and we were able to ask if they could bring in some foods, I mean real foods not junk foods. Some brought grilled chicken, Bihon, and loaf breads. The company at that time treat us for lunch.

This time again, I will be with my team mates for our club. Yeah I stopped working there and decided to be a full time Mom to my kids. Our coach prepared some games so the kids would enjoy. This is the best time to bond for the parents and the kids. With all the amenities that D Leonor is offering, I am sure there will be no dull moments during the party. This is a wave pool, although they don’t operate the wave pool all the time, there is time for that, if we could hear a serene that’s the time that everyone must be ready for another fun pool waving.

The resort also had a mini zoo that every kid who loves animals must enjoy, Faith was there before and she had fun pointing all the animals in the cage. There is also a wall climbing, Faith attempted to climb but obviously she can’t, there is also a hanging bridge, sigh I didn’t took much pictures of the hanging bridge because I was holding Faith tightly at that time. This time I hope I can take lots of pictures to share here in my travel blog.

Tomorrow I hope all the parents will be gathered to finalize our party; I mean who would bring foods for such foods. So at least we will not be starving while having fun.

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