I Got Lost Again and This Time Was Not a Joke

I am really not good in direction, even though I already went to that place for like 2 times or 3 times already. Last Saturday, during our Christmas party, after I dropped Mj at the resort, I tag along Nanay the mom of my friend and Faith to go with me in the mall; I need to meet my niece because she is the one who brought the cakes that we forgot at home for the party. We didn’t have breakfast yet so after I saw Mariel, I treat them to the Jollibee Food Stall. After we ate, we also went to the grocery store to buy some other stuff for the party.

When we are on our way back, Nanay and Faith were in the back  playing games. Nanay instructed Faith what to do with the games. I was concentrating on the road; my friends in the resort already asked me where I am so I needed to be fast. I tried to remember the mark going to the resort but the sign was not there already, I went straight, I know I have to take the road on the left side however I cannot see it already so I drove straight again and I saw the road is getting wider. I am sure that it should not be the road I should be driving though but I still get straight wishing I can meet somebody who can direct me where the heck is D’Leonor?

You can found no one on the road so it was really hard to ask, I saw a woman but she said she doesn’t know Leonor, I just said okay and drove off until I saw a guy driving his motorcycle, stopping that time though, he is the bill delivery guy from Davao Light Company. He informed us right away that we already passed by the road going to D’Leonor, he also said that we already like how many kilometres away. I pulled the car and drove back off to the road. This time, I have to be sure and I asked whoever I could see in the road.

When we arrived at the resort, I was perspiring a lot. They were laughing at me because that is already the nth time that I got lost in the road while driving. Yeah, I got lost many times already.

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6 Responses to “I Got Lost Again and This Time Was Not a Joke”

  1. I think getting lost is normal. I mean, lol.. Idk. I pretty much lost all the time. I remember when I was in Singapore.. I was trying to memorize the road and such, so I decided not to take a cab and go home walking…. I kind of ended to the opposite road from where I should be going.. I ended up in a dead end – dark – no one else was there… it was scary. Plus, I was alone. Lol… and it was way way far… I swear if I was in PH I could have been in some sort of unpredictable situation already.. Good thing though that I was able to find my way home at the end lol.

  2. My oh my … I thought I am bad at directions and keeping track of locations .. but I suppose I am not alone. ^_^ Not that its a good thing to get lost but I am quite glad to know I am not the only one this bad. Hope you wont get lost again.

  3. I consider my self generally good with directions if. I remember places/streets if I’ve been there once. But I did got lost before, not driving but riding the public transport. Took the wrong bus. LOL

  4. Oh dear! So sorry to hear that. I like to say I am good at directions though and I do remember signs and landmarks no matter how long time ago it was. The only thing is driving here is easy with all the directions, but not so easy with all the traffic and scary drivers. I am glad you made it safe though no matter how lost you were.

  5. I have no sense of direction, that’s one of the many reasons why I don’t like driving lol.

  6. nadine says:

    this is one reason why I refuse to drive! haha i’m bad at directions unless I’ve memorized how it looks like. So, you’re not alone! But next time, gprs app on the phone could be handy 😀

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