Traffic All Over Town

My niece and I went out early to buy some foods for tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. So even though I was not feeling well I still tried to get up so we can go home early too. I can’t seem to stay in front of the computer because of my eyes and headache. That is the price when you don’t often wear your eyeglass, after like a week you will have a terrible headache. Anyway, so we went out early but geez I just drove like 3 kilometers away, on our way going to the main road was already contributed a traffic jam so we went aback and went to the other way, it was the long-cut but it’s okay as long as we could go smoothly.

We went to the bank first but geez the place is crowded, we finished our transaction there at 1:00 p.m. We have our lunch at 2:00 p.m. already in the mall. And when we went to the remittance center, the money that my husband wired was still not available until after an hour of waiting. So instead of walking away again, we waited for another 30 minutes for the money. After that we went to grocery department to buy some foods for Christmas Eve. We also bought some gifts for the whole family, geez the time was running fast but we were still in the mall. When we headed home, every road we will take had traffic jam even we already took the diversion road yet we were still stuck. We arrived home at 9 in the evening and I was so tired driving and so hungry and my head was terribly aching.

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