The Main Road

It was so dull and very quiet when we had our New Year in the previous house. For 3 years, my eldest daughter would sometimes complain because it is really very quiet. When we transferred house my eldest daughter was so amazed of how fun it is in the main road. Our house now is located in the main road in the same subdivision; we even went out to check outside. We could see tricycle running back and forth dragging cans or roofs for it to make noise, we could also see some cars running honking very hard to create noise, there were some driving their motorcycle running and dragging some used cans. It was indeed so fun, one car threw us some chocolates and greet us Happy New Year. We just had our mini trumpet or small horn for us to create some noise and I was also honking my car so loud that is for the misfortune to stay away. I greet my niece and kids Happy New Year, my sister and her family also went here to greet us Happy New Year. Mj even said her New Year was a blast because for the first time she could hear and see everyone in the street, in the main road.

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