D’Leonor Amusement Park

Last month the team’s Christmas Party was held in D’Leonor Wave Pool Resort. Today I will be showing you our pictures from D’Leonor. Before the kids went and swim in the pool, they roamed around the place first, I didn’t went with them but good thing my eldest daughter brought a camera with her.

 photo HPIM2007_zps986fcf81.jpg

 photo HPIM2010_zps8d15113e.jpg

This is the hanging bridge in D’Leonor I am not sure of how long does the hanging bridge but surely you will have fun walking here. It would sway a little but it is just enough for you to cross over.

 photo HPIM2009_zps79c94082.jpg

This is their mini forest actually this is near at the entrance going to the pool. Look at the green surroundings, the color itself makes you already relax.

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