Plans On The Upcoming Birthdays

Mj is really growing up; I can’t believe that she will be turning 13 this month. And now since she is already on her teen, she is not asking for a party anymore but some bucks for her to treat her friends in the mall. She said she want to treat her two of her best friend’s maybe lunch or snacks; she was thinking pizza can do. She would also try to treat her in time zone for games. Her birthday is actually on Mondays but she will just go to the mall with her friends on Saturday since that is only their available time.

Yes, Faith’s and Mj’s birthday is just a week apart. This time we will be just taking over night in one of the resort in Samal, actually maybe Camp Holiday, let’s see how much would be their overnight stay. I hope it is not that expensive, ya know we are really in a tight budget this time because of the house.

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