Overnight Stay In The Resort On Her Birthday

I talked my husband about us going to Camp Holiday on Faith’s birthday and he agreed with it, sigh he is not here with us that time since he will be going back to the States real soon this week. I already inquire for the one night stay and it is like P1, 800.00 maybe we will extend this short get away. I am sure the kids love it. Camp Holiday is just in Samal, we will just ride a barge. I am not sure though if I would take the car with us in the barge maybe we will just leave it in the parking area for one or two nights just near the barge. The parking area is near the barge and it is guarded 24/7 so I really don’t have to worry.

The Camp Holiday is just where the barge will dock, it is indeed so accessible. They have swimming pool to those who would like to have plunge in the pool and they also have beach if you want to enjoy the salty water. I want to relax and chill so I might just stay in the room however in the second thought, since Faith is also a beach lover; I might just be with her the whole day.

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