Rain And Flooding

Since last Friday, it always rain here I am just thankful that there is no much floods that happens here so far, I mean there is just a while ago. I sent Mj to Kumon that when we went out in the building I could see the road swamped with water. My car was parked on the other parking area, I could see that if I do back ward I would surely get swamped in the water. Although my car is elevated, I don’t want to take the risk, I even asked the in-charge if I could get through the flood and he said yes, he made sure of that. My daughter suggested that I will just do the back ward a little then forward then back ward so my front would be the one to face the water and I could see how deep or how shallow is the water. I could also follow big trucks because they can set the water aside and I will not be affected anymore with the flood. I supposed to send Mj to the pool but with the weather like this I would rather go home than to risk ourselves under the rain.

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