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He Got Through

Last Friday I sent my husband to the airport, I was worried about his condition because of his fever the night before the flight. Good thing, when morning came the fever subsided. We went to his Doctor and even she asked us if we could postpone his flight because of his sore throat but of course we can’t as it is already paid. Night came, about 6 in the evening; I drove him to the airport. We went out of the house early because we have to drop by at Mj’s school for her bottled water and extra money for her camping. It was raining cats and dogs; we also have to drop by at the nearest pharmacy for her other medicine.

I took the long cut because of the possible floods on the other road. When we arrived at the airport, the rain did not stop. I was worried that my husband could not checked-in because of his condition. He was already inside that I messaged him that I will stay until I am sure he is already okay. Minutes later he replied my message and said he was able to check in. Thank GOD!

Right now he is resting in his place in MD, trying to recover, when he was in Japan his voice was fading maybe because of the stress during travel. He said he will try to go out on Wednesday to see his Doctor I hope the weather will now cooperate with him.

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