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The Scenic View Of Mount Apo

One morning when I went out to our yard, I saw this mountain scenery. This is the Mt. Apo and the view is just so amazing that I have to take my Digital Camera inside the house real quick to take a picture of this one in a blue moon view. Will you not fell in love with the color? It is so green and this reminds me of our other mountains that are already almost bald because of some illegal loggers or even to those who have permission to cut trees. I hope this kind of scenery will still be seen by the next and next generation, which I doubt. I mean look at us now, look at our down town, few rains could cause already floods. I prayed for the safety of some of our Kababayans in Butuan and Agusan as they are really affected with big floods due to LPA. It has been weeks already that we are raining here and I heard in Butuan, the water is already reached up to the roofs.

 photo HPIM2264_zpsfdae8e33.jpg

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