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Last night was a nightmare when driving. I always took Diversion road because it is the shortest cut going to the venue where Mj is swimming. It was raining so the road is a bit slippery however I made sure that I am stepping the brake from time to time as I was also going downhill. I saw a truck parked in the middle of the road on the other lane so I slow down, I didn’t expect that another truck will go my way, as he tried to avoid the truck that was parking on his lane. If I wasn’t able to step on brake, I am sure the truck will hit me big time, I was worried that a car behind me would hit me as I step the brake so sudden but good he was also able to step on brake on time. I was shocked and surprised that I was not able to move and transfer to the outer lane right away, I feel like my soul was thrown away that it didn’t went back for like a minute or two, I was just sitting there shocked if my daughter didn’t say anything I won’t move for another 3 or 4 minutes. From what happened to me last night, we should always thankful to GOD for the gift of life and we should always pray for his guidance.

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Interest In Keyboard Type Instruments

Last year we bought our youngest daughter a toy piano.  She really liked it and when it was broken she was pestering my husband to fix it.  Well, since it was electric and the power would not come on, my husband could not repair it.  We are now thinking that with her interest in keyboard type instruments and her love of music maybe getting her something like the Yamaha classic ypt 330 keyboard might be something that would peak her interest.  Our eldest daughter is learning the guitar, and we are thinking that with our youngest interest in keyboards, it would be a good fit for them.  We do our best to encourage kids in all their activities.

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