Last night was a nightmare when driving. I always took Diversion road because it is the shortest cut going to the venue where Mj is swimming. It was raining so the road is a bit slippery however I made sure that I am stepping the brake from time to time as I was also going downhill. I saw a truck parked in the middle of the road on the other lane so I slow down, I didn’t expect that another truck will go my way, as he tried to avoid the truck that was parking on his lane. If I wasn’t able to step on brake, I am sure the truck will hit me big time, I was worried that a car behind me would hit me as I step the brake so sudden but good he was also able to step on brake on time. I was shocked and surprised that I was not able to move and transfer to the outer lane right away, I feel like my soul was thrown away that it didn’t went back for like a minute or two, I was just sitting there shocked if my daughter didn’t say anything I won’t move for another 3 or 4 minutes. From what happened to me last night, we should always thankful to GOD for the gift of life and we should always pray for his guidance.

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