I Am There To Support Her

We have a decision to make concerning our youngest daughter.  She loves music and really enjoys singing. She will even tell us to stop singing so she can.  We were thinking of have her learn to play keyboards or drums.  Electronic drums like the best alesis dm8 pro or a simple 61 key keyboard.  I think the drums would be nice but it will be her decision.  My eldest daughter has taken up the guitar and if my youngest were to learn the drums they could be good together.  What we want to do is support her choice whatever it may be. Mj will be anyway performing with her band member on March, I am not sure though if the teacher would push it through although she already gave my daughter a heads up about. So during Araw ng Davao, I will not be only  enjoying of  watching the parade but I will be there to support my eldest daughter.

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