St. Michael

Last month, my friend asks me if I could drive them and their guest to go to Samal, my friend who is the sister of my friend as well bought a lot there. They saw the St. Michael online so my sister went to their office. St. Michael is like a residence resort, we roam around the place, there is no development yet but the water is very clear, it is so fresh and is not touch yet. Here were the pictures that I took for my friend who is already in Texas.

 photo cats_zps3985e7b5.jpg

This is the resort, I am sure if you live in this place, you would feel the love of the nature.

 photo cats_zpscdbedb9a.jpg

We roamed around more, it is not developed yet but once this is done I am sure it will turn out so attractive and beautiful.

 photo HPIM2074_zps30ea1f6e.jpg

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  1. whitemist says:

    where is this resort, my lookup took me to Maryland, but i don’t remember ever seeing it and you mentioned texas and i lived there a long time and do not know of it.

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